About Us

Every family has its stories and in the Luedtke family, those stories are told until they become family legend, passed along the generations. From a bowling alley first date, to five kids, Pam and Tom built a family of love and laughter in Illinois. The family continued to grow, adding son and daughter-in-laws, and 9 grandchildren. Tom began growing a few rows of grapes in the backyard in 2008. As the whole family discovered the joys of wine, concord grapes and jelly making turned into Marquette and Effemelle Winery- there’s a story behind that name, make sure you ask Tom. 

In 2020, a new chapter began for the Luedtke family when they, along with their oldest son Adam and his lucky wife, found a winery for sale in the mountains of Virginia and jumped on the chance. We made the move around the holidays and got to work revamping the former White Rock Winery into Fables & Feathers. Researching, painting, cleaning, reading, stocking, accounting, testing, tasting… we’ve all been doing a little bit of everything. Pruning vines and bottling for the first time were new adventures this spring and we’re looking forward to adding more stories to the family legends as we open the tasting room, start giving tours, and hosting events.

So come out, visit with us, and become part of our family tales! Trust me, this is a family you want to join!


-the lucky wife, Genny

April 2021